How to be an Effective Sports Psychologist in Elite Professional Football - Sport Performance Video By DAVID CHARLTON
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How to be an Effective Sports Psychologist in Elite Professional Football

This week I chat with HCPC Registered Sport Psychologist, Michael Caulfield about his route into the field and his work in elite professional football with managers, players and multi-disciplinary teams.  He shares fascinating insights into his work, the importance of being courageous whatever your role.  Michael has been fortunate to work with Gareth Southgate, Steve Bruce and Dean Smith in the English Premier League so has some great stories and advice to offer.      

What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

  • Michael’s route into Sports Psychology came after being the Chief Executive of the Professional Jockey’s Association.
  • The importance of first impressions, building and maintaining relationships as a Sport Psychologist.
  • Rejection and failure is a part of life, being able to bounce back with “courage” is a quality that can be developed and is essential if you are to prosper.
  • The ability to park your own ego is essential when you are a Sport Psychologist.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin when dealing with people, especially bigger names is valuable for you to prosper. 

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