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Sport psychology is a fascinating area which covers many issues and all sports. We have some of the best sport psychologists, counsellors and mental performance consultants with a wide range of expertise listing on our directory. There is sure to be someone with the expertise in the sport or specific area to be able to help you. Indeed, our directory has a global feel with some of the best sport psychologists, counsellors and mental performance consultants from America, UK, Ireland and Australia listing on our directory. 

Sport psychology is a fascinating topic and has a long history, with the first study often being credited to Triplett (1898). In his work, Triplett conducted an archival study of professional cycling races based on the official records from the Racing Board of the League of American Wheelmen. He found that times were faster for individuals when they raced against others. He then decided to see if he could replicate these effects. He conducted a follow-up study involving an experiment in which children wound fishing reels, either working alone or alongside a co-actor performing the identical task. In line with his cycling data the children performed significantly faster when in co-acting pairs than when alone. Triplett concluded that this was due to an increase of energy (which he termed ‘dynamogism’) that occurs when in the presence of others. This research was important as it showed that psychology of a person could affect how they perform in sport. Following this pioneering research many individuals have explored the application of sport psychology with consultants applying principles to improve sport performance and well-being. One of the first documented examples of this also took place in America where Coleman Griffith went to work as a sport psychologist with the Chicago Cubs in 1938.  Since these beginnings we have seen a massive growth and development in the field of sport psychology with sports psychologists and other sport psychology related professionals working across all levels of sport and across all sports. 

This broad role sport psychology can play is reflected in our site. Since establishing in February 2019 at the time of writing we have had enquiries from athletes representing 24 different sports. From the traditional sports such as golf, tennis, and football through to less familiar sports including shinty and crossfit. We have also had enquiries from a highland dancer for support! Expertise in a specific sport seems particularly important for some people searching so you can search using our handy categories above. You can also search around issues (e.g., confidence, anger control). If what you need is not represented, please get in touch!

With our sport psychology support from America, UK, Ireland and Australia we can provide those searching for some of the best sport psychology expertise with a range of qualified practitioners to choose from. 

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If you are a would like to join our directory we would be delighted to host you and in particular we really value growing our global reach, and expertise. So please join the consultants who list with us from America, UK, Ireland and Australia and add to the speciality categories listed above – or please suggest some more. You can join our directory and be part of our community here or please feel free to contact the Sporting Bounce Team if you have any queries. 

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