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Thank you so much for using Sporting Bounce to find a running coach near you. You can search our directory by using the link below or by navigating to our home page. Whatever your needs, from speed, endurance to running your first 10k or marathon we hope we have someone who can help.

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We are an online sports directory listing people, and clinics, offering a range of sports services. We have an excellent selection of running coaches on our site. 

A running coach can be very beneficial whatever standard you are. While at first glance a running coach would seem to be something only for experienced, or serious, runners a running coach can also be very helpful for people who are just starting to run. Like all sports running has its fundamentals. For example warming up and warming down, pacing and running technique and understanding these fundamentals is very important if you are just starting to run regularly. A running coach can help you develop a training plan the benefit of having your own coach is that this will be individualised to your specific needs, aspirations and ability. Some of the generic training schedules that you can get for free don't really add much value and an individualised training schedule with bespoke advice is much better. Remember if you are searching for a running coach near me, you can do so quickly and easily on our online sports directory. 

The best running coaches will be able to apply principles from across the range of sport science to help you improve and this becomes particularly important as the running you are doing becomes more challenging or competitive. Running coaches can help give evidence on physical preparation, nutrition and hydration advice specific to running. In particular some of the best advice from a running coach is when to ease of and taper on training and not push yourself so hard. A good running coach will also have a network of specialists who can input into this advice (nutritionists, physiologists etc). Also if you are racing competitively then a good running coach can be a very helpful mentor on race day, helping you devise your race plan, providing psychologist support and motivation for competition. 

When choosing a running coach it is also worth thinking about personality and fit to your own needs. For example you may be after a personable coach, that is an individual, who is able to relate well to others, share a joke, be empathetic and simply get on well with people. Or you may be after someone who is less personable and more dictatorial in their style. You will have a good sense of who will be a good fit for you. Also discuss your goals in your initial consultation to make sure that you get the right training advice. 

Many professional running coaches will also be well connected with other professionals to provide a holistic service to clients. For example some will have close working relationships with professionals with specialities in fitness such as personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, or experts in sports injury such as sports chiropractors. 

So whether you are a part of a running club, competing at an elite level or just looking to get started a local coach can be helpful. Whether you find a running coach near you, or an online running coach a qualified running coach can help improve your running,  and help runners of all levels run faster and for longer. 

Thank you once again for visiting our directory to find the ideal running coach near you to help you get a personalised training plan and individualised advice. Good luck with your running training and, if appropriate, on all your race days!

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