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Find a Sport Performance Specialist Near You 

Welcome to Sporting Bounce! We are a directory of sport performance specialists. Use our easy to use search function to find a sport sport performance specialist near you. We aim to help you find who, or what, you are searching for online. Our growing sports directory has many highly recommended local and national experts which include sports physios, sports therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychologists, personal trainers, coaches and many, many more. The specialists on our directory cover all aspects of the brain and body to help you bounce to success.   

Sports Injury

If you are looking for help with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injury near you then we can help you find the best sports injury clinic near you. We have high quality physiotherapist, osteopathic, and chiropractic clinics and individual specialists listed. From common sports injuries including soft tissue injuries, joint pain, pain relief and management, rehabilitation and injury prevention the specialists listed on our site can help. With their expertise they can help put together a treatment plan so that you are back performing at your best.

Sports Massage

You can find the ideal sports massage near you. Our range of local sports massage therapists offer a wide range of massage techniques such as deep tissue massage to improve blood flow, help get rid of aches and pains, relieve muscle tension and help get you in the best place to improve sport performance. They will also be able to explain the benefits of sports massage including when it can be used both before and after exercise and sports performance. The individuals who offer sports massage on our site come from a wide variety of backgrounds including sports therapy, massage therapy, sports physio, sports osteopath and sports chiropractors. 

Sport Psychology

If you are looking to improve the mental side of your game we have consultants offering sport psychology near you. These includes sport psychologists, counsellors and mental skills consultants who worked across a range of sports, ages, and abilities. You may also be interested in a range of sport psychology resources, from webinars, courses to blogs to help you learn more about the psychology of sport.

Sport Psychology Webinars and Courses

Sport Psychology Webinars

Learn more about sport psychology from our excellent selection of sport psychology related webinars. We have both live webinars and a comprehensive selection of recorded webinars which can be accessed at your convenience.  

View Our Webinar Selection Here

Sport Psychology Courses

Improve your mental game with a range of sport psychology courses specific to individual sports and key topics. The courses are developed by the Sport Psych Lab - a well established provider of bespoke, online, sport psychology courses.

Visit the Sport Psych Lab

Physical Fitness

We have a number of personal trainers who can offer fitness training near you. So use our Directory to help you find a personal trainer or qualified expert in strength and conditioning. 

Sports Nutrition

If you are looking for some experts in sports nutrition near you then we have a number listing on our site. They can offer advice that can help in a range of areas from weight loss through to nutrition for sports performance. The advice covers the range of sport and physical activity contexts. We also have people who work as an online sports nutritionist and can offer advice in that way.

Sports Coaching

We have individuals from across a range of sports who can offer sports coaching near you. Our coaches work with athletes across a range of sports, ages and abilities. For junior and child athletes through to professionals and international performers. 


If you are looking to improve your core strength or flexibility then yoga may be for you. We have individuals on our site who off Yoga classes near you and even online so you can access them at a location and time that suits you.


We are delighted to be a partner of the the Football Psychology Show. This podcast is dedicated to telling the latest psychology and mental health stories from English and European football, providing insight from coaches, players, psychologists and academics.

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If you work in sport why not promote your expertise online to new clients. We have sport performance specialists who work in psychology, nutrition, injury rehabilitation, sports massage, yoga and personal training who advertise on our directory.

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Finding sport performance specialist is easy with Sporting Bounce. Whether you are looking to bounce back from an injury, get fitter, use some sport psychology advice or learn more about sports nutrition then in-person support near you and online support is available from our top-rated members.

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