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Thank you so much for visiting our directory of sport psychologists and sport psychology practitioners. We have specialists, listed in the UK, Ireland, United States and Australia who can help you with your mental game. From London to Los Angeles, Canberra to Chicago, Glasgow to Galway we have sport psychology consultants able to meet face-to-face, or offer virtual support online, help you achieve your potential in sport. 

If you are searching for a sport psychologist near your location, or a sport psychologist online you have come to the best place! Just search the full list of sport psychologists and other sport psychology specialists, including counsellors and certified mental performance consultants who advertise on our directory. Each profile has expertise, qualifications and experience to help you find the right support. Whether you are searching for peak performance, a personal best, or an Olympic medal at Sporting Bounce our experts in sport psychology can provide the right mental coaching to help you bounce forward - to help you achieve your goals.

Does Psychology Matter in Sport?

Many coaches and athletes testify to the importance of psychological factors in sport.  Examples include an athlete performing poorly because he or she lacks confidence, an athlete who fails to cope with the pressure of competition, a team of talented individuals that consistently underachieve or an individual that is devastated by a traumatic injury.  The quotes below help illustrate the role of psychological factors in sport performance from some top global athletes:

David Beckham - “There were flashbacks in my mind from the last four years.  All of that was going through my head but, as soon as I hit that ball, as soon as it went into the net, I went blank.  It was the release of everything that had gone on since 1998.”  (talking about taking a penalty against Argentina in the Soccer World Cup -The Independent, 11th June, 2002).

Muhammad Ali“I always felt pressure before a big fight, because what was happening was real.  Boxing isn’t like a movie where you know how things will turn out in advance.  You can get cut; you can get knocked out; anything can go wrong.”  (Taken from Thomas Hauser, 1997, London: Pan Books.)

Martina Navratilova“I don’t think any of the players have as much fun as I did when playing singles.  It’s about enjoying smacking the ball. I really liked to get into the details and if something didn’t work you’d try to figure it out, try some new things, play stupid games.  You could hit the ball or kick it.  We used to hit-and-giggle days where everything goes.  If you wanted to head the ball or catch the ball in the middle of the rally and throw it over that was OK, or hit it with the butt of the racket. I don’t know if any of them have tried that.  People say I used to have so much fun when I played but what’s the option?”  (The Guardian, 1st July, 2003)

Tiger woods “I just putt … I learned to play golf at such a young age that my Dad basically had to find ways to explain things to a dummy. I’m two years old – how do you make me understand visual imagery? My dad did it the only way he knew and when I stand over a putt now, every look I take is a picture. I stand up to the ball, I take my practice strokes and I take a picture.  Then all I do is putt to the picture.  It frees me from all mechanical thoughts.  I just putt.”  (The Observer Sport Monthly, November 2006)

Jessica Ennis“I’m quite composed and a bit internal.  You need to be over such a long competition, because it will all go downhill if you let your frustration take over.  You have to control your emotions and get on with it." (The Sunday Times, Sport, 9th August, 2009).

Who Has Used a Sport Psychologist?

The services of a sport psychologist are commonly used by many professional athletes, professional teams, and those international athletes and teams who represent their country. Whether it is the men’s England soccer team, the New York Yankees or the Canadian  Olympic Teams. Many individual athletes have attested to the benefit of working with a sport psychology consultants including Basketball player Michael Jordan, snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan, rugby player Sam Warburton, cyclist Victoria Pendleton and tennis player Johanna Konta. 

What Does a Sport Psychologist Do?

A sport psychologist works with athletes or teams to enhance their psychological approach.  Typically these interventions are directed towards enhancing performance levels although sometimes a sport psychologist is called upon to deal with other issues (e.g., helping an athlete during injury rehabilitation, or to come to terms with a defeat).  Also some sport psychology consultants, particularly those who are clinical sport psychologists, sport psychiatrists, or sports counsellors, will also help individuals deal with broader issues around mental well-being. By understanding what psychological factors are important a sport psychologist can develop appropriate interventions to help athletes and teams improve their sport performance or psychological wellbeing. Often these interventions will involve sport psychology mental skills such as goal setting, positive self-talk or imagery. 

The sport psychology professionals who list on our directory will be able to help you using face-to-face or online sessions depending on your needs and budget. Many work full time in sport psychology consulting so they have substantial experience in offering mental skills training and other psychological skills interventions. They work with sports teams, athletes, coaches and parents across many areas to improve performance including, performing under pressure, mental toughness, anger control, team dynamics, dealing with negative thoughts, coping with mistakes, retirement from sport, and coping with a sports injury. One growing area of support is working with young athletes, from elite athletes at junior level, high school athletes, to developing performers across many types of sports. And we often get enquiries from sports parents looking for a youth sport psychologist near them to help with performance in sports. 

So whether it is improving your sport performance through mental training or managing general lifestyle issues such as mental health then there will be someone to help you with your personal development.  Our directory will help you find a sport psychology consultant near you. The consultants who list with us have had experience working across a wide variety of sports at a high level, including football (soccer), golf, athletics, rugby, cricket, netball and hockey and ages from child and junior athletes through to adult and veteran performers. They have also had experience of working across all levels including world championships, olympic games, professional sport as well as amateur and recreational athletes and sports performers. Some have also been involved working as sport and exercise psychologists and can advise on developing a positive approach to exercise plans and improving physical activity levels over the long term. 

What Qualifications Should Your Sport Psychology Consultant Have?

The practice of applied sport psychology is a specialist profession. The qualifications of the practitioners who list on our site will vary as we they come from different backgrounds and countries. For example a Sport Psychologist in the UK can only use that term if they are listed with the Health and Care Professions Council. Typically those people will have completed a period of supervised practice for a minimum of two years as part of Stage 2 qualification for the British Psychological Society (BPS), having first completed a BPS accredited post-graduate course. But there are other sport psychology related professionals such as those with a background in sport and exercise science, clinical psychologists, those with counselling qualifications or those who specialise in sports psychiatry who can also provide sport psychology related consultancy services.  In the United States only licensed clinical and counselling psychologists can describe themselves as “sport psychologists” but many practitioners in sport psychology have come through a different route and become certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. In other countries terms like mental performance coach are often used so there is a wide variety of ways in which people describe sport psychology practitioners. For further information you can find more about professional bodies in sport psychology here

Please note we try at Sporting Bounce to ensure the information presented is accurate for the members listed. In particular, we request that any member listed belongs to a relevant professional body, in their country of practice, at the time of joining Sporting Bounce. However, visitors should know it is their responsibility to verify, independently, the background, qualifications and experience of any member whose services for psychological support they are considering using.

We hope you find what you need on our site but if you are after other sports-related professionals such as physios, nutritionists, personal trainers and much, much more you can always visit our partner site My Sports Map

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