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Louisa Maslaveckas

Specialty Sport Performance Specialist Located in Bristol, England

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Louis Ross

Specialty Sport Performance Specialist Located in Bristol, England

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Think 2 Win Performance

Specialty Sport Performance Specialist Located in Oxford, England

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Emily Hill-Smith

Specialty Sport Performance Specialist Located in London, England

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Find a Sport Performance Specialist Near You 

Welcome to Sporting Bounce! We are a directory of sport performance specialists. From high performance sport through to support services for the recreational athlete we aim to help you find who, or what, you are searching for online. Our sports directory has many highly recommended local, national, and international experts to help you achieve your optimal sports performance. Use our easy to use search function to find a sport performance specialist near you. 

Whether you are looking to prepare psychologically or physically for your season defining competition, a challenging endurance event, or bounce back from an injury, we list specialists who can help. These include sport psychologists, sports nutritionists, physiotherapists, sports therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists, strength and conditioning coaches, yoga specialists, sports coaches, and many others. The range of expertise covers all aspects of the brain and body to help you achieve optimal sport performance and bounce to success! 

Achieving Optimal Sports Performance

Optimal athletic performance is a combination of psychological, technical, tactical and physical factors. Taking a holistic approach to sport can help you reach a higher level in your performance. To illustrate here are some examples. Working on your psychological approach can help you demonstrate the technical skills you display in practice to the competitive arena. Similarly, it is important when embarking on a strength and conditioning training programme to consider the nutritional requirements of this new approach. Finally, many sports performers will adhere well to injury rehabilitation programmes but pay comparatively less attention to injury prevention, for example through maintaining healthy sleep patterns, or having regular sports massages.  Have a look at the range of specialists we have on the site who can help you achieve your optimal sports performance. 

Our Sport Performance Specialists 

The sports directory here in the UK and worldwide has everything you need. The sport performance specialists who list on our site address the psychological, technical, performance analysis, tactical, and physical aspects of sport performance. Many have worked with some of the leading sports organisations and coaching staff, across elite sports, youth sport and student athletes, and have a breadth of skills and knowledge in their chosen field. Our specialists can help you in the following areas:

Sport Psychology - If you are looking to improve the mental side of your game we have consultants offering sport psychology near you. These includes sport psychologists, counsellors, mental skills consultants, and consultants in sport psychology who have worked across a range of sports, ages, and abilities. You may also be interested in a range of sport psychology resources, from webinars, courses to blogs to help you learn more about the psychology of sport. For performance psychology in the UK, you will find what you need here.

Sports Nutrition - If you are looking for some experts in sports nutrition near you then we have a number listing on our site. They can offer advice that can help in a range of areas from weight loss through to nutrition for sports performance. The advice covers the wide range of sport and physical activity contexts. We also have people who work as an online sports nutritionist and can offer advice in that way.

Sports Injury - If you are looking for help with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injury near you then we can help you find the best sports injury clinic near you. We have physiotherapist, osteopathic, and chiropractic clinics and individual specialists listed. From common sports injuries including soft tissue injuries, joint pain, pain relief and management, rehabilitation and injury prevention the specialists listed on our site can help. Using current injury assessment methods the sports injury specialists can put together a treatment plan so that you are back performing at your best.

Physical Fitness - We have a number of specialists in sport science who focus on physical fitness. These include strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers who can offer fitness training near you. So use our directory to help you find a personal trainer or qualified expert in strength and conditioning. 

Please note while we make every effort to ensure that the information on our website is correct, should you get in touch with one of the individuals or companies, who list with us it is your responsibility to verify the background, qualifications and experience of any member whose services you are considering using. 

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