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Welcome to Sporting Bounce! We are a global directory of sport psychologists and sport psychology consultants. Use our easy to use search function to find a sport psychologist near you. We help connect qualified sport psychology consultants with athletes, coaches and teams. Whether you ar looking for face to face, group sessions or one-to-one support search by location (e.g., London, California, Glasgow, New York) to find a sport psychologist or sport psychology consultant near you. 

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Many sport psychologists and sport psychology consultants offer online support. This means that you can work with the person you want regardless of location. Why not search our site by expertise to see who has the specific sport psychology expertise you are after globally. 

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Whether you are searching for individual growth, peak performance, a personal best, or an Olympic medal in addition to sport psychologists we have a range of sport psychology related consultants on our directory. These include Certified Mental Performance Consultants, as well as consultants in performance psychology, clinical psychology, counsellors, and sports psychiatry who can also provide evidence based sport psychology related consultancy services, recognised by professional bodies. You may also be interested in a range of sport psychology resources, from webinars, courses to blogs to help you learn more about the psychology of sport. 

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Learn more about sport psychology from our excellent selection of sport psychology related webinars. We have both live webinars and a comprehensive selection of recorded webinars which can be accessed at your convenience.  

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Sport Psychology Courses

Improve your mental game with a range of sport psychology courses specific to individual sports and key topics. The courses are brought to you by the Sport Psych Lab - a well established provider of bespoke online sport psychology courses.

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The Importance of Sport Psychology

Many coaches and athletes testify to the importance of psychological factors in sport. Examples include an athlete performing poorly because he or she lacks confidence, an athlete who fails to cope with the pressure of competition, a team of talented individuals that consistently underachieve or an individual that is devastated by a traumatic injury. The sport psychology quotes from many top sports performers and coaches help illustrate the role of psychological factors in sport performance, and how working on mental skills can help improve performance. 

Who Uses a Sport Psychologist?

A sport psychologist can help sports performers of any age across any level. The services of a sport psychologist are commonly used by professional athletes and teams, and those who represent their country. Many recreational and junior aspiring athletes have also used the services of a sport psychologists and we also often get enquiries from parents looking for a youth sport psychologist near them. We outline in detail what a sport psychologist does but simply a sport psychologist works with individuals or teams to enhance their psychological approach. Typically these mental training interventions are directed towards performance enhancement, although sometimes a sport psychologist is called upon to deal with other issues (e.g., helping an athlete during injury rehabilitation). 

Qualifications in Sport Psychology

The practice of applied sport psychology is a specialist profession. The qualifications of the consultants who list on our site will vary as we they come from different backgrounds and countries. To help we provide further information on the backgrounds of sport psychology consultants from the United Kingdom, United States and Australia to help you make an informed choice about the right support for you.   

On our directory we try to ensure the information presented is accurate for the members listed.  However, visitors should know it is their responsibility to verify, independently, the background, qualifications and experience of any member whose services for psychological support they are considering using.

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As the only dedicated directory of Sport Psychology Consultants in the world we hope you find what you need. Whether that is a sport psychologist near you or a sport psychologist online we are confident our extensive selection of sport psychology consultants will provide you with what you need to help you get your Sporting Bounce and bounce forward to help you achieve your goals!

Also, if you are after other sports-related professionals in such as physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and much, much more you can always visit our partner site My Sports Map which is an excellent Local UK Sports Directory listing a range of coaches, clinics, consultants and products. 

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