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Here is What Our Members Say

We have some of the best sport professionals globally advertising their services on sporting bounce. We are delighted to work with them - and even more delighted that they find the services we offer valuable. 

Dr Martin Turner

"Sporting bounce is a great concept. I find it to be a very cost effective way of promoting my expertise and services, whilst also providing a platform for me to find clients. Through Sporting Bounce I have had many clients from all across the globe, who I continue to work with, and who would not have found me if it not for my profile on Sporting Bounce."

Dr Jillian Harley

"Sporting bounce has been a great platform for me - it provides a safe and easy accessible space for potential clients to read about me and the services I offer. Clients are able to make contact with you through a few clicks and the site instantly alerts you, the time efficiency definitely impacts the progression of the enquiries. There is a steady source of enquiries that come through the site that generally all lead to uptake of support. It’s also a great way to network with other practitioners as you can see who is working near and around you - or perhaps signpost to others if the client's needs don’t quite fit. I’m not aware of any other sport performance directories that are so encompassing - they even have a full section of resources for potential clients and practitioners. I also like how they have a large reach with their client base; lots of my clients come from across country as well as locally."

Dr Joe Dixon

"As a Sport and Exercise Psychologist running my own practice I have had an excellent experience of using Sporting Bounce thus far. The platform has introduced me to a range of interesting new clients from different sports around the World and therefore found it very good value for money. I would certainly recommend Sporting Bounce for practitioners looking to expand their client base."

Dr Jamie Barker

"Sporting bounce is an excellent, efficient, and effective way to connect with clients. With an easy to use system to help me keep my profile up to date."

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