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Best Sport Psychology Books

There are some fantastic resources in sport psychology. We have taken a little time to reflect on the books that we have found most useful and have been most influential in our career. Below is a list of what we would describe as the best sport psychology books. But we recognise that what is considered the best sport psychology book is subjective! We would be delighted to hear 

Introduction To Sport Psychology

We have found the following books to be excellent introductions to the field of sport psychology:

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Robert Weinberg and Daniel Gould 

Sport Psychology: Concepts and Applications

Richard Cox

Key Studies In Sport And Exercise Psychology

David Lavallee, Jean Williams and Marc Jones 

Applied Sport Psychology Books

Sport psychology is an applied profession and we have found the following books helpful in giving an insight into the profession, and also covering some of the key strategies that sport psychologists use. 

The Inner Game of Tennis

Timothy Gallwey

Doing Sport Psychology 

Mark Andersen (Ed.)

Being a Sport Psychologist 

Richard Keegan

Books by Sporting Bounce Members

Sporting Bounce is a global directory of sport psychology consultants and we have a number of the practitioners who list on the site have written books. Below are some of these. If you would like to work with a sport psychologist or sport psychology consultant then search our easy to use global directory of sport psychology consultants. You can also browse the books that have been written below. 

Becoming a Sport Psychologist

Paul McCarthy and Marc Jones

The Successful Golfer: Practical Fixes for the Mental Game of Golfer

Paul McCarthy and Marc Jones.

I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide To Mental Fitness

Josephine Perry

The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life

Eddie O'Connor

We hope you have enjoyed this list of what we think are the best sport psychology books. And certainly enough to get you going in this fascinating and rewarding profession. If you have an interest in sport psychology you may also be interested in our range of live and recorded sport psychology webinars

Finally, remember that if your favourite sport psychology book did not make our list of best sport psychology books please do get in touch.