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We have a range of online sport psychology courses that can help you improve your sport performance. Online sport psychology courses are a great of working on your mental game to achieve your goals. We are proud to partner with Sport Psych Lab a well established provider of online sport psychology courses. The courses have been designed by instructors who work with some of the best athletes in the world and are accessible anywhere at anytime on your mobile, tablet or computer.

The mission of the Sport Psych Lab is to make current research and thinking in sport psychology current best practice. The masterclass series address core aspects of sport and exercise psychology. In addition to these masterclasses there are specific courses dedicated to the psychology of performance in specific sports. You can see a little more detail on each course below as well as a link to purchase the course. As well as individual courses there are also course bundles that provide a really cost effective way of learning

Sport Psychology Masterclasses

We have a series of courses aimed at developing your understanding and ability in key areas of sport psychology. You can see the courses below and can use the links to read more about the course, and visit our partner at the Sport Psych Lab to purchase the course and go on your sport psychology journey!

The Confidence Masterclass

Confidence is an excellent predictor of success in sport. Confident people perform better and more consistently than people lacking in confidence. If you would like to spend some time investing in your self confidence in sport then the Confidence Masterclass is for you. While also outlining the basics of confidence a number of practical strategies are outlined that can help you feel more confident and achieve your potential with the successful performance in your sport.

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The Mindfulness Masterclass

Many coaches and sports performers are exploring mindfulness in sport as a way of improving athletic performance and maintaining an excellent balance between body and mind. So whether you are looking to eliminate negative thoughts, focus on the task at hand, or maintain a loose relaxed physical state to aid skilled, coordinated performance mindfulness can be a helpful strategy.

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The Motivation Masterclass

Sports motivation is crucial. Whether you are struggling to get out and train on a windy and rainy day or looking to exert that extra bit of effort to come from a goal down in the last few minutes of a hard fought match motivation matters. Use the course to understand motivation and learn helpful practical strategies you can apply on yourself or others.

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Mastering the Mental Game

We have a series of courses that cover the psychology of performance in specific sports. These detailed sport-specific courses are very popular with individuals seeking a depth of psychological expertise and growth in performance in their sport. You can see the courses below and can use the links to read more about the course, visit our partner at the Sport Psych Lab to purchase the course and begin your journey to mastering your mental game!

Mastering the Mental Game of Golf

The course on Mastering the Mental Game of Golf has been prepared by leading golf psychologist Dr Paul McCarthy, the first resident sport psychologist at the home of golf St Andrews. The course has been developed to have a practical approach to dealing with common challenges on the golf course. If you are interested in taking the opportunity to improve your golf game then take the exciting and transformational course on Mastering the Mental Game of Golf.  

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Mastering the Mental Game of Gaelic Football

The fast-paced and skilful game of Gaelic Football makes a number of demands on it players. Why not up your game with this Gaelic Football specific sport psychology course. This informative and detailed course aims to help you master the mental game of Gaelic Football and improve your performance.

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Course Bundles

My Gaelic Football Bundle

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My Golf Bundle

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All courses comprise audio material, which has been professionally produced and narrated, so you can listen at your convenience. Because all the material is online, you can download the material to use anywhere. In addition there are course materials filled with practical exercises to help you get the most from the course.

The courses developed by the Sport Psych Lab can help you improve your performance and well-being. Examples of areas where these courses can help include:

  • Leading teams more effectively
  • Improving group dynamics
  • Stress Management to perform better under pressure
  • Being more resilient
  • Control anger effectively.
  • Coping better with mistakes
  • Dealing with negative thoughts

If you join one of these courses you will receive personal support to help your sporting and professional development. 

Sport psychology is about understanding mental processes and behaviour in sport settings. You will learn more about this fascinating subject with these exciting courses. They have been produced so you can listen and complete the course at your convenience! It is the ultimate distance learning course!  All the courses have clear learning outcomes and provide a positive, and engaging online learning experience.

If you would like to work with a sport psychologist to improve your game then please search our directory to find a sport psychology consultant near you