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Physiotherapist Helping With Rehabilitation

We are an online sports directory listing people, and clinics, offering a range of sports services. We have an excellent selection of sports physios across the UK. If you are searching for a sport physio near me, you can do so quickly and easily on our online sports directory. 

Sports Physiotherapy is the branch of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues related to sports people. In sport settings physiotherapists work to restore movement and normal body function following injury or illness. Each athlete will make different demands on their body depending on their sport, the specific exercise they do, their physical condition and their lifestyle. Examples of the types of conditions sports physiotherapists treat include, back pain, knee pain, muscle and tendon strains, tennis elbow and ligament injuries. Examples of typical treatments utilised by a sports physiotherapist include manual therapy techniques to mobilise joints and soft tissues, movement and exercise and ultrasound, heat treatment, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. These will be put together into a bespoke treatment plan. Athletes and sports performers do not just see physiotherapists when injured but also to get advice and guidance to prevent injuries happening, and maintain peak physical performance. 

It is helpful to connect with someone who specialises in sport injuries as sports injuries do differ to everyday injuries. This is because athletes are often working at their physical limit which stresses their muscles, joints and bones. Athletes also often wish to return to competition and performance as quickly as possible so managing rehabilitation regimes with athletes can be a little different to the general population. For example, some athletes may push themselves too hard during the rehabilitation process in the belief that they can recover quicker. Normally each sports physio will have some sports that they specialise in and so will have a great deal of knowledge around acute, chronic and overuse injuries that are specific to that particular sport. Sports Physiotherapy is now an integral part of the sports medicine teams across all professional and elite sports. For example, sports physios formed the largest professional group working at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Sports physiotherapists are often based in a physiotherapy clinic and sometimes work as part of a with multidisciplinary team of highly trained specialists in other domains, such as medicine, nutrition and psychology. A sports physio not only advises on treatment and prevention but can also advise how long it could take to return to sport or exercise after injury. All chartered physiotherapists have completed a recognized physiotherapy degree and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. This means that physiotherapists are state regulated and can use the term chartered. Interestingly, insurance companies will usually only pay out for physiotherapy treatment rather than for treatment from sports therapists, although that is changing for some companies.  

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