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Sport Performance Resources

Sport performance is a fascinating topic. Some key questions in understanding sport performance include:

  • Why so some athletes perform well under stress?
  • What is the best type of food to eat before competition?
  • Why do athletes perform well under stress on some occasions perform poorly under stress on others?
  • How can a champion team beat a team of champions?
  • What type of training helps improve core strength?
  • What is the best way to learn sport skills?
  • Do external rewards help increase motivation?
  • Hoe long does it take to recover from an ACL injury?
  • Does our motivation change over the course of our sport career?
  • How hard is it for professional athletes to retire?
  • what are the challenges of returning to sport after a serious injury?

There are of course many (many!) more fascinating questions! In our resources section we provide you with a range of information that you may find useful. Most notably are the website blogs, and the articles and videos by the members of our directory. 

Website Blogs

Browse a full library of blogs focused on the sport performance. From attitude through to zzz (sleep!) our blogs cover a range of topics. 

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Member Articles

You can access the range of fascinating articles, written by the members listing on the directory, that delve into sport performance here. 

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Member Videos 

One of the most popular sections of the site are the member videos which provide a varied and insightful take on a range of sport performance topics. 

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We will continue to add to our sport performance resources and we hope that what we provide is interesting, insightful and most of all useful.