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Sports Performance Specialists Near Me

We are really pleased to bring you a comprehensive range of sports-performance specialists. 

We feel we have established the most inclusive sports performance directory and work to grow it each day for the benefit of our members and the public.  As part of this we have an excellent range of specialists in their field from counsellors through to yoga experts. 

Below is the full list of specialists we have currently listing. Do find out more about each profession by accessing further information. 

Sports Chiropractors

Chiropractors diagnose treat and manage sports injuries that are due to problems with the joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves, especially related to the spine. This includes both soft tissue injuries, and joint pain including shoulder pain, knee pain and neck pain. Appropriate chiropractic treatment can help ease your pain and get you on the road to full fitness again. 

Sports Osteopaths

A sports osteopath is a professional who deals with sports-related conditions within the field of osteopathy. In general, this discipline is about the use of massage therapy and physically moving or stretching muscles, soft tissues and joints in order to aid movement or help with musculoskeletal pain (e.g., tense or stiff muscles, painful joints), circulation problems, chronic pain, injury recovery

Sports Nutritionist

The right sports nutritionist can be very helpful in enabling you achieve optimal health, increase energy levels, lose weight or improve performance. Whatever your fitness goals nutrition can play important role in a range of sports, whether you are looking to put on weight, and increase muscle mass, or whether you are an endurance athlete looking to have enough energy for the successful completion of an arduous event. 


Personal Trainers

The personal trainers who list with us are great for helping you develop a personal training programme to meet your long term health and fitness goals. Whether that is improving your fitness levels, losing weight, making exercise fun, or providing general advice on exercise nutrition.  

Sports Physiotherapists

Sports Physiotherapy is the branch of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues related to sports people. In sport settings physiotherapists work to restore movement and normal body function following injury or illness. Examples of the types of conditions physiotherapists treat include, back pain, muscle and tendon strains, tennis elbow and ligament injuries. 

Sports Podiatrist

A podiatrist will diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. In sports podiatry this expertise in foot ankle and lower limb injuries is applied to athletes and sports performers. It is therefore no surprise that that they are commonly sought after by athletes. In many sports having feet in good health is crucial to success.

Sport Psychology Consultant

A sport psychology consultant works with athletes, coaches or teams to enhance their psychological approach to competition. Typically psychological interventions are directed towards performance, although sometimes a sport psychology consultant  will help with other issues (e.g., helping an athlete returning to competition after injury). If they have the right expertise some sport psychology consultants, will also help individuals deal with broader issues around mental health. 

Sports Therapists

The sports therapists listed on our site aim to prevent injuries as well as assisting with rehabilitation. They work in areas of injury prevention, injury assessment, injury rehabilitation and sports massage and with their training have a specific focus on sport. 

Yoga Specialists

Yoga is a form of physical and psychological exercise that many sports performers have found useful. Yoga has been practised for over 5,000 years and the focus on the mind and body means that is an excellent way of developing holistic health. Examples of the benefits derived from Yoga include increasing strength, flexibility and balance.

Thank you for visiting Sporting Bounce and we hope you can find the sports specialist you need on our sports directory.