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Meet Our Founder

Our Founder

My name is Dr Paul McCarthy. I have worked in sport for the past 25 years teaching, coaching and practising as a sport psychologist. I am passionate about sport and the opportunities for people to find support that brings them to their potential. I am also passionate about helping sports professionals find clients and patients locally, nationally and internationally to create a successful way of life for them and their families. .

Dr Paul McCarthy

I have been fortunate to work in sport all my life. The athletes I work with are always asking for local sports professionals. Without a good online sports directory, I knew what I had to do so I set up a sports directory to bring athletes to sports professionals and sports professionals to athletes. My goal has always been to bring an affordable directory to the marketplace and I will continue to bring value for money to our members.  

Our Vision

We are an online sports directory that lists sports-related specialists, clinics, and coaches focused on all aspects of sport performance. We promote the work of the members who list on our site to potential clients through our comprehensive, and growing, web presence. With over 40,000 google searches per second having an online presence is crucial for advertising, boosting your reputation and gaining clients.

Join Our Growing Community

Our team has over 40 years of experience in sport across all levels from recreational to elite. We understand what it is likely to work in sport and the unique demands of this exciting and rewarding environment. You can see the range of sports clinics, specialists, and coaches who list on our directory

Sport Specialists

We have many professions who list with us from sports physios, sports therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, nutritionists, medics, psychologists, personal trainers, and more.

Sport Clinics

We have a broad range of sport-injury clinics that provide a holistic approach to health and sport performance. Many have a range of specialists and rehabilitation facilities. 

Sport Coaches

In addition to working with specific teams we have coaches who offer one-to-one bespoke sessions to individuals. From golf to tennis to running and more, we have your coaching needs covered. 

We set up this directory because we were working in sport but constantly struggled to find local coaches, practitioners and clinics when our customers and clients asked us for guidance. We set up the most inclusive sports directory and work to grow it each day for the benefit of our members and the public.  

We believe

  • People should be able to find local sports clinics, specialists, and coaches from a few taps on their mobile phone or computer.
  • People who earn their living in sport can trust in a system to serve their businesses' advertising needs
  • We constantly work on improving our rankings for google searches to make sure the people who advertise on our site get seen. We supplement this with targeted advertising campaigns through Google Adwords and across social media platforms. 

A key part of our vision is of different professions in sport connecting. So sports physiotherapists on the site may reach out to work with a personal trainer. A coach may in turn reach out to work collaboratively with a sports nutritionist. So the practitioners on our site reach out to connect with each other in addition to local people connecting easily with the local sports businesses and personnel. So Sporting Bounce becomes more than a way to connect the public with sports sports clinics, specialists, coaches and products but also becomes a way to connect people working in sport with each other. 

Yours in sport, 

The Sporting Bounce Team