090 Mental Toughness Compilation 007 - Sport Performance Video By DAVID CHARLTON
Posted 11/12/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

090 Mental Toughness Compilation 007

Today’s Mental Toughness compilation episode includes short snippets of advice from our most recent 9 episodes.  We touch on many aspects of Mental Toughness from how you deal with challenges, learning from difficulties, setting appropriate goals, as well as ways to improve your confidence so that you can express yourself under pressure.

Key Learning Points:

  • Stuart Wade discusses mentally preparing for challenges is a vital factor if you want to gain a mental edge.
  • David Charlton shares with you some good questions if you’re a parent or coach that can help young athletes reframe situations more positively.
  • Billy Schwer tells you to be honest with yourself when going through transitions in life.
  • Dr Jim Afremow and Phil White discuss The All Blacks and their culture where everyone is striving towards individual and collective goals.
  • David Charlton discusses why paying too much attention to external factors outside of your control is a waste of emotion and energy.
  • David Charlton tells you to think about reviewing what you’re A,B,C and D games look like to change your perspective on success and failure.
  • Carl Bell shares insights into reducing the chances of athletes being overly fearful when participating in their chosen sports.
  • Dre Baldwin talks about performing competitively and says “any thinking is overthinking”.
  • Will Shaw examines why young golf professionals can get lost and overwhelmed.

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