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Posted 05/14/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

061 Why You Should Build Your Mental Toughness

Today, I chat to a Mental Toughness expert, Paul Lyons where we discuss what mental toughness is.  The crossovers that exist from the sport and exercise domain that transfer into the business world. Paul goes on to share how he supports leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs to build the mental strength needed for their chosen fields and the type of benefits that his typical clients experience.

Key Learning Points:

  • Peter Clough talks about Mental Toughness being comfortable in your own skin.
  • Being able to just focus on the moment, taking control and responsibility for your thoughts and actions is important.
  • Choose to accept yourself, understanding your strengths, limitations, and your blind spots.
  • Your experiences shape your Mental Toughness.
  • Lots of business people when they start a business are very, very clear and focused on what they want to do but over time this focus gets diluted and their confidence ebbs away.
  • It’s easy to lose your sense of identity, focus, and confidence much of my work is to restore and repair this.

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