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Posted 05/09/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

060 Encouraging Mentally Healthy Environments

A lot of people don't view mental toughness in the correct light.  Many have preconceived ideas that mental weakness is the opposite of being mentally tough so in this episode, we look to get the point across that this isn't the case.   Especially to those that then go on to connect mental weakness with someone who has mental health issues.  

Even the mentally tough are vulnerable to mental health challenges as I go on to discuss.  I also chat with Kieron Brady about how the culture in professional football back in the 90s de-individualized players.  David Jueno tells me about being bullied, living with ADHD, cocaine abuse, and going on to lose everything.  Lastly, Dave Algeo tells you about what organizations can do to promote more mentally healthy cultures and environments.

Key Learning Points:

  • Parts of the football environment don’t help players be comfortable in their own skin.
  • Once you open up and start talking half of your problems disappear.
  • Some great advice for management when having conversations with employees or players is “let’s work together, let’s understand your skills and strengths, your capacities, and what’s going on in your life.”
  • Taking an interest in the person and connecting to them as a human being is vitally important and has positive mental health benefits.  

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