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Posted 05/09/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

059 What does Success Mean to You?

Success is very different for everyone.  It can mean earning more money to some, medals or power to others, fame, getting fitter, or even losing weight.  In this episode, we look at helpful ways to ensure that you set yourself up for success in whatever you do.  Robbie Thompson tells you about keeping in shape and losing weight and some key principles that can help you.  Penny Mallory describes the immense commitment levels required in becoming the first and only female professional world championship rally driver.  Additionally, Olympian Aly Dixon shares her wisdom when discussing running at an elite level, winning the world championship, and breaking the world record for 50km. 

Key Learning Points:

  • Asking yourself better questions is a skill.  Here are 3 examples: How do I want to feel? How do I want to perform? How do you know you are making progress?  
  • Penny kept going and going pushing limits and boundaries, taking risks in order to achieve her goals.  In her words “I was committed to giving absolutely everything to pursue my dream.”
  • In order to get to the next level what choices or sacrifices do you need to make?

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