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Champion’s Mindset Reviews

Submitted by Karran on 07/16/2019

U20 Pole Vaulter

Overall Rating

Steve has helped me overcome my fear of jumping after rupturing my ACL and tearing my medial meniscus (both requiring surgery) through pole vault. He also removed the pressure and anxiety I felt, being far behind everyone else, after I came out of a 1 year rehab programme and has abled me to continue jumping with a better mentality than I ever had before.

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Really Improved my performance

Golf is a game of inches. Mainly the 6 inches between your ears. I got in touch with Steve to help me iron out some thought patterns that were holding me back.

Steve was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He helped my game come on loads. In the time I worked with him I saw a big improvement in my scores and began to enjoy the game alot more.

Would highly recommend if you want to bring your game onto the next level.

Submitted by Eoin H on 08/22/2023

Great help and support

I turned to Steve as my confidence wavered after tough months in football. He guided my recovery, emphasizing the game's mental aspect. Through highs and lows, he armed me with coping strategies. Setting goals with Steve aided focus. He introduced visualization and PETTLEP, boosting confidence. Steve enhanced my mental resilience, teaching thought management and self-talk. This helped me concentrate and avoid overthinking in games, focusing on my goals, not others' opinions. He even aided my A-levels. Overall, Steve's guidance shaped my football journey, providing crucial mental tools for growth. Grateful for his support.

Submitted by Beth Sullivan on 08/17/2023

Great Service

Stephen has helped me regain confidence that I had lost following a series of injuries. Through the sessions I was able to keep positive thoughts at the front of my mind and suppress any doubts that I had. I look forward to performing at my best again with my improved mindset.

Submitted by Cameron on 06/01/2023

Transformed my state of mind

I had suffered with extreme anxiety and a loss of enjoyment for swimming meets for almost 8 years. With only a few sessions with Steve, he was able to transform my state of mind to give me confidence and enable to relax when competing. This made me perform to a level I had not done in years. I will always be grateful and would highly recommend.

Submitted by Matt Seabrook on 05/25/2023

Sports Mindset Coaching with Steve

I contacted Steve to ask him to work with my 16 year old son who had an injury that kept him off football for 5 months. 

After 6 months back the injury was still affecting him mentally even though it had  healed physically. 

Over the course of 4 appointments Steve helped my son get over the injury mentally and focus on his game. 

It worked so well that soon after he was offered a scholarship at the football academy he had been on trail at. 

We’ll definitely be back to have regular sessions to help him manage his route through the academy. 

Submitted by Heath Showman on 04/21/2023

Pressure and Confidence

Steven helped me build my confidence and gave me easy and effective exercises which have made a massive improvement. I am able to handle pressure and anxiety better and learnt some things I will never forget.

Submitted by Millie Russell on 10/09/2022


I contacted Steve as I suffered an injury playing football to a high level. I was struggling not being part of that environment and losing my identity because I couldn't play football anymore. Going through rehab and set backs can be very difficult to deal with. Steve helped me re align my goals and focus and gave me different way of thinking so I wasn't stuck in a vicious circle. He will give you different strategies to help and it help hugely when it came to dealing with my set backs and every day life going through a difficult injury. Highly recommend and he will help and support you with any situation you have to overcome or want to get better at.

Submitted by Lois on 08/29/2022

Making A Difference - Sports Psychology

I initially contacted Steve, for support to help my son re-discover his passion for playing basketball and re-build his confidence, post lockdown.

My son had played basketball since a young age and always loved it. However, having been out of the game for almost 2 years, returning to the sport his once loved was completely lost.

In addition to having lost his desire to play and his confidence, he also struggled to regulate his thoughts and emotions, associated with his performance.

Since starting sessions with Steve, my son has found his passion for the sport again. His confidence has grown in abundance and his performance continues to improve.

I’m so glad I approached Steve for assistance, his support and work with my son has been incredible. I honestly cannot believe the difference he has made.

I would highly recommend.
Steve is experienced, professional, flexible and competitively priced.
5 Stars all round.

Submitted by Charley Taylor on 07/09/2022

Amazing Coach and Person

I use to have tennis lessons with Steve (some years ago).
Fantastic coach. Helped me to use my strengths and existing skills to improve my game, were most coaches want to reinvent the wheel.
Fantastic mental coach too.
I'll always remember Steve fondly. He's an exceptionally talented, good, kind person.
I wish him well.

Submitted by Steven on 06/29/2022


Reneick fitness really helped me put perspective on my situation and helped re align my goals and focus

Submitted by Methembe on 03/23/2022

Great results working with Steve

Steve has been working with my daughter during the second half of this year, with excellent results. She is a hockey goalkeeper, playing at a high level in the England Hockey player pathway and with her club. She had been struggling with dips in confidence that was impacting her performance and her enjoyment of the game. The sessions have been extremely beneficial to her, where Steve has used techniques that she can apply both at home and during training and at matches. After just 3 or 4 sessions, she had the situation under control and knows strategies to manage any further dips in confidence. I highly recommend Steve as a sports psychologist.

Submitted by Julie Lewis on 12/22/2021

Rower back on form

Steve is a great sports psychologist which has helped me learn how to over come the stress of racing and performing under pressure.

Submitted by George on 08/16/2021

Abdur Rahman

I tend to go on autopilot mode when i am by myself knowing full well it’s not healthy but it still happens and catches up with me during the day which delays my activities because i want to satisfy my thoughts in every situation.

Submitted by Abdur Rahman on 01/03/2021

Improving performance

Stephen quickly and adeptly identifies simple measures for improvement in small easy steps which has helped already to improve my focus and enjoyment of playing sports including football and golf. I feel more positive about my ability following these sessions.

Submitted by Peter on 10/02/2020

Brilliant Service - Cured the yips

I’m a golfer that has struggled to chip for 8 years. I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on golf professionals who have correctly told me what I have been doing wrong, just not how to stop it. I have to admit that I was skeptical about my chances of fixing my issue with a sports psychologist but Steve helped me improve from the minute we spoke. After 2 sessions I was experiencing a 90% improvement.
Quite simply, I can’t recommend Steve enough.

Submitted by David on 07/05/2020

Really helpful !

Steve has been great and given really useful advice and understands things from the athletes view .

Submitted by S.dewar - Rower on 06/05/2020


Good in terms of guiding me to form a plan, reminded me of some basic principles which I could use to form a good mental plan for competition

Submitted by Hassan Haider on 12/01/2019

Very good!

Very good, has helped me a lot and I recommend to others!

Submitted by Harry Seddon on 11/13/2019

Great Sports Psychologist!

Steve Renwick has been working with my daughter, who is a high performance gymnast, currently training 25-28hrs a week. The Psychology sessions have been extremely beneficial to her and have helped her to be more positive and increased both her confidence and self belief. Steve uses various strategies to ensure that she gets the most out of each session and her confidence in her own ability and her ability to perform under pressure have improved significantly in just 3 to 4 sessions. Steve goes the extra mile by keeping in regular contact in between each session to enquire how her training is going and to see if she is managing to use the strategies he has taught her to help her get the best out of her gymnastics training and performance. He is really accommodating and always willing to arrange appointments at short notice if required. I would highly recommend Steve as a sports psychologist.

Submitted by Sharon Mccormack on 07/25/2019

Veteran tennis player

Stephen provided me with 5 sessions of support, working through techniques to enhance tennis performance in competitive situations (as opposed to practice). His methods were easy to understand and follow and definitely improved my performances. He listened to understand my specific issues and concerns and provided a range of techniques so that I could employ those that resonated/worked best for me. I would highly recommend Renwick Research to otehrs

Submitted by Nb (cheshire Tennis Player) on 05/14/2019

Excellent Service

The service provided was of a high quality. I feel as though I took a lot from each session and have been able to apply the things I've learnt to my sport. Stephen is very friendly which helps you feel at ease. I would definitely recommend Stephen's services and would definitely work with him agen in the future.

Submitted by Charlie George on 04/05/2019

psychological training in football

I know Stephen for many years and we used to work together but the new job is different than usual.

My 8 years old son was getting annoyed in football matches due to making mistakes fact which was having a negative impact on his performance. Stephen’s goal is to improve my son’s confidence as a talented semi-professional football player.

Immediately after the first session my son absorbed all the information and been able to apply it during the match. The results came straight from the beginning and we are continuing to work together.

I am very pleased with the services provided and I would definitely recommend Stephen.

Submitted by Cristian on 04/02/2019

Sports Psychology - tennis

I worked with Steve on the mental side of tennis in hourly sessions weekly, and can honestly say he has been the best influence and helped me have a better perspective and outlook on matches and the development of my game.

He gave me clear strategies to overcome certain metal barriers (such as pre match anxiety) and also helped adjust them when new challenges were presented. We went through thorough assessments to understand how and why I was having certain ‘mental blocks’ and simplified the problems, rather than overthinking and over analysing minor set backs.

Steve is really easy to talk to and share your worries with and he provides a professional service to the individual needs of his clients.

Submitted by Eve Daniels on 03/21/2019

Good approach

Steve is an excellent psychologist who has got a brilliant approach to his clients

Submitted by Kacper on 03/21/2019