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Posted 01/21/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

100 50 Secrets for Optimal Performance and Positive Mental Health

Welcome to episode #100 of Demystifying Mental Toughness!

One hundred episodes is something that I would like to celebrate, because I feel incredibly proud of what I’ve done with the show.  So in this episode I’ve collated a large number of take home messages from our guests to date and pieced them together into this episode.  There are lots of hugely inspiring messages for you.  

You’re going to hear key takeaways on how to develop your mental toughness, ideas to deal with Covid times, stress and adversity.  Coping with trauma and mental health challenges are also discussed.  We also look at health and fitness and sharing some top tips to help you.

Relevant Podcast Episodes in Order and Sequence as Relayed in Episode 100

Ep001: Doug Strycharczyk – The Importance of Mental Toughness

Ep028: Peter Clough MBE – Why is Mental Toughness Important?

Ep035: Dr John Perry – Thrive, Don’t Just Survive 2021

Ep037: Penny Mallory – World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour

Ep002: Steve Judge –  How to Deal with Adversity

Ep014: Alessia Bruno – The Yips, Crashes, Trauma in Sport there is hope for Athletes

Ep065: Dr Amy Izycky – Encouraging Mentally Healthy Cultures in Sport

Ep015: Nick Grantham – Essential Elements of Rest and Recovery

Ep031 David Jueno – How to Turn Your Life Around and Inspire Others

Ep066: Marilyn Okoro – Mental Health and Resilience: Lessons from an Olympic Medalist

Ep041: Paul McGee – How to Develop Interpersonal Confidence

Ep011: Dave Algeo – Mental Toughness, Mental Health and High Performance

Ep075: Grant Phyphers – How to Rebuild Your Identity

Ep098: Jon Bartlett – Do You Know Your Why?

Ep046: Kate Mackay – Why Snowboarding is a Metaphor for Life

Ep092: Dr James Hegarty – ACT in Sport, Improving Performance through Mindfulness

Ep022: Robbie Thompson – How to Feel More Confident

Ep019: Paul Smith – 5000 Consecutive Days Running and Counting 

Ep048: Natalie Hurdley – How to Build Mental Toughness through Powerlift

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