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Posted 07/27/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

074 How Can I Make My Child Feel Confident?

Today’s question comes from a parent, Anna to a talented golfer.  Anna’s son, Harry is 14 years old however he lacks confidence and she worries about him.  She also recognises to succeed in golf, in other sports or in education he’s going to need confidence.   So she asked me – How do I give him confidence? 

I go onto share 3 ideas that can help you as a parent to help your child begin to see things differently.  Enjoy tuning in. 

Key Learning Points:

  • Set mini goals with your children to help aid their focus and concentration.  Consider different behaviours that would help them improve their performance levels such as trust, having fun, bouncing back positively from mistakes.
  • Create a highlights reel together using video technology.  This will help your child visualise what they do at their best and program them subconsciously in a helpful way.   
  • Design a Confidence CV together on a large piece of card focusing on what they are good at, their achievements in their sport and away from it.  Let them draw, print out screen shots of images or cut out clippings from newspapers or websites.
  • Watch your language, consider how you communicate with them when they have failed at something or made a mistake.  

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