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Posted 05/28/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

064 How to Support Young Footballers

If you’re a football coach, player or parent of a young player or simply a fan of football you’ll enjoy this.  I speak to Edu Rubio who has coached at Valencia and Chelsea and now works as a technical consultant at Crystal Palace.  The conversation flowed as we chatted about the challenges young academy footballers have and how to best support them.  We unpick Edu’s interest in Motivational Interviewing and how this has helped his coaching.  We also discuss the role of the coach and parent in having a positive impact on young footballers.

Key Learning Points:

  • Football and other elite sporting environments can be unhealthy environments to be in because of the constant comparison that occurs between players.
  • As a coach how to use motivational interviewing to improve your coaching style.
  • How to use motivational interviewing to build a psychologically safe environment.
  • Cultures without ego or hierarchies can be very helpful.
  • By protecting individuals from setbacks and challenges you will not be supporting an individual to optimise their potential and build their levels of resilience.
  • Success is about being content within yourself and taking the learning from all situations.

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