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Posted 05/07/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

057 How to Cultivate Mental Toughness and a Growth Mindset in Rugby

If you have a fixed mindset, you believe that basic qualities such as your intelligence, skills or talents fixed.   In other words, they are considered a part of you that cannot be changed.  However, the individual with a growth mindset believes that even basic talents and skills can be developed over time through practice and dedication.   

Where do you stand? If you have a growth mindset you’ll likely “go for it” and have a CAN DO attitude.  Whereas if you have a fixed mindset you’ll be plagued by doubt, indecision and possible anxieties.  

In this episode, former international rugby players Toby Flood, Steve Hackney and Lome Faatau share with you how they have cultivated a growth mindset.  We also touch on different areas of mental toughness too.   We look at focusing on the process and making things happen, embracing pressure situations, working hard to overcome setbacks, learning from the success of other people and much more. 


Key Learning Points:

  • Accept pre-match nerves as a part of the game.
  • Workout if you strike a nice balance between working on your strengths and areas of your game that you need to improve.
  • “Keep doing what you are doing and you'll get the same results.”
  • A challenge for you - reach out to a person that you admire and respect and ask them a question that you are curious about.

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