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Posted 04/09/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

047 Mental Game Tips For Putting

On the golf course, putting is a part of the game that you must master to be able to shoot low scores and reach your golfing potential.  Confidence in your ability on the greens, especially under pressure is vital.  As there is no hiding place from short, nerve jangling putts, many golfers have mental scars which they struggle to deal with and go on to putt tentatively or in fear.

Today, David talks through some great questions that you can ask yourself to be able to make some changes to your mindset.  He also shares some advice on how you can use your eye’s when on the greens to help yourself.

Key Learning Points:

  • The stories that you tell yourself about putting in will determine how much you trust yourself and your skills in pressure situations.
  • Ask yourself the following questions to help yourself get to grips with some of the barriers you put up yourself when putting.
  • If the word “putting” is brought up in conversation what thoughts and emotions does it bring up?
  • Do I enjoy the challenge of putting?
  • Does my putter fill me with confidence?
  • Do I love my putter?
  • Do I trust myself on the putting green, no matter what situation is thrown at me?
  • What do you I say to myself on the greens when I’m relaxed and when I’m under pressure?

I challenge you to spend 14 days journaling your thoughts, emotions, mindset and importantly your results in relation to your putting.  Do so during and after practice sessions and rounds of golf to get to know you the “putter” better and overcome any mental blocks that you may have.

Try taking your time and experimenting on the practice green with the use of your eye’s. 

Picking out spots just behind the hole if you are a tentative putter or leave the ball short often.

To improve your visualisation skills and trust in your putting stroke, you may also want to get creative and track the ball in the last third of the putt - forwards and back, in slow motion and fast forwarding using the video recorder located in your mind. 

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