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Submitted by MatchFit Football on 07/12/2022

Working Partnership Review

Overall Rating

With the pressure placed on footballers in the modern game both on and off the pitch, the ability to possess mental resilience and effectively process emotions and thoughts has never been more important. You can be the most technically gifted or athletic footballer on the planet, but if these qualities are not underpinned by a strong mindset, a player will never be able to do themselves justice, enjoy the game to it's fullest or reach the level they are truly capable of. A dip in confidence or self-belief can literally undo decades of technical mastery in a moment. But even if a player isn't struggling with their mindset, learning new ways to channel their attention, emotional reactions and focus can significantly increase a players level of performance. Being guided by someone with Adams knowledge of how the mind works and how to master it will be more valuable to you than any piece of kit, equipment or boots you would normally invest in without question.

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Parent Review

Our 9 year old son has been working with Adam over the past few months after experiencing a dip in confidence and frustration with his golf. We would recommend Adam very highly! Not only is he professional and very skilled in his field of expertise; he places a big emphasis on creating a bespoke service for each client depending on their personal circumstances. Furthermore, he uses really effective communication skills with our son so as to engage him, help him understand and to promote enjoyable learning opportunities.

Submitted by Parent on 07/30/2022

Client Review

I worked with Adam to help him with his work on improving mental health awareness in professional football. I was impressed by his willingness to listen and understand - he even helped me with my own understanding on certain psychological aspects of my game just by talking them through. I will continue to follow Adam's career with interest.

Submitted by Ajl Consultancy on 05/19/2022