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Submitted by AJL Consultancy on 05/19/2022

Client Review

Overall Rating

I worked with Adam to help him with his work on improving mental health awareness in professional football. I was impressed by his willingness to listen and understand - he even helped me with my own understanding on certain psychological aspects of my game just by talking them through. I will continue to follow Adam's career with interest.

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Recovery from serious injury and finding the love for my sport again

I have found my 1 to 1 sessions with Adam extremely helpful in both my sport environment and day-to-day life. Our sessions have changed my mentality completely and has improved both my self-esteem and confidence, to the point I have had both friends and family commenting positively on how I am now presented.

A long-term serious injury led to doubts in whether to continue racing nationally or just have fun and lose the competitive spirit which I love. Adam’s sessions took me to the point I am at today, where I am itching to advance and hopefully flourish within the motocross industry.

Our sessions have been fascinating and detailed, only enhancing my understanding of strategies to help me and why I had thought the way I did. Recently, I have been feeling better than ever both physically and mentally and feel more prepared to jump back on the bike. I am confident our strategies will lead to my development in a racing environment.

Submitted by National Motocross Rider on 09/22/2023

International Athlete

It was clear that Adam had taken the time to understand my slightly niche sport of touch rugby, and he individualised our sessions to the specific challenges of my sport and my personal struggles.

His help has been absolutely pivotal to me stepping up to playing at international level and the pressure that have come with that. The skills I've learnt so far will be useful throughout my playing career, but also highly applicable to other areas of my life too.

Submitted by International Touch Rugby Athlete on 07/09/2023

Can't recommend highly enough!

I can't recommend AJL Consultancy highly enough. The sessions are always engaging and fun as well as being very professional. They are bespoke sessions that make you feel valued as an individual and that Adam really cares about the impact the sessions will have.

My whole perspective on my sport has changed since working with Adam. I have gone from seeing it as a chore to enjoying my craft again and having a much more positive mindset throughout every area of my life, not just my sport.

Submitted by Scratch Golfer on 07/09/2023

Top Career Ahead!

Adam has helped me to understand the mental aspects in my sport to great effect, leading to an increase in both my confidence and performance. Psychology has always been an area I have been interested in finding out more about and I found Adam extremely professional, conscientious and knowledgeable in the area. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future, and believe he will make a huge difference in the career of many professional athletes.

Submitted by Professional Footballer on 07/09/2023

He's Top Class!

I enjoy working with Adam. He has helped give me ways to focus on enjoying being in goal. He's top-class!

Submitted by Youth Goalkeeper on 07/09/2023

Parent of Academy Goalkeeper

Adam has helped my son (age 8) with strategic bespoke techniques that have impacted greatly on his mental approach to goalkeeping. Adam worked with him on how to cope with conceding goals and being mentally ready for the challenges the position poses for him. In the past, my son had often been borderline hysterical when he had made a mistake, or perceived that he had. Working with Adam has allowed him to begin to cope at a high level and utilise the techniques in his games in goal at grassroots and academy level.

Submitted by Parent on 07/09/2023

Parent Review

Our 9 year old son has been working with Adam over the past few months after experiencing a dip in confidence and frustration with his golf. We would recommend Adam very highly! Not only is he professional and very skilled in his field of expertise; he places a big emphasis on creating a bespoke service for each client depending on their personal circumstances. Furthermore, he uses really effective communication skills with our son so as to engage him, help him understand and to promote enjoyable learning opportunities.

Submitted by Parent on 07/30/2022

Working Partnership Review

With the pressure placed on footballers in the modern game both on and off the pitch, the ability to possess mental resilience and effectively process emotions and thoughts has never been more important. You can be the most technically gifted or athletic footballer on the planet, but if these qualities are not underpinned by a strong mindset, a player will never be able to do themselves justice, enjoy the game to it's fullest or reach the level they are truly capable of. A dip in confidence or self-belief can literally undo decades of technical mastery in a moment. But even if a player isn't struggling with their mindset, learning new ways to channel their attention, emotional reactions and focus can significantly increase a players level of performance. Being guided by someone with Adams knowledge of how the mind works and how to master it will be more valuable to you than any piece of kit, equipment or boots you would normally invest in without question.

Submitted by Matchfit Football on 07/12/2022