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Stephen Renwick. Champion’s Mindset. Reviews

Submitted by Roshan Mandle on 04/10/2024

Stephen has changed me for the better

Overall Rating

Stephen has been absolutely amazing with helping me with what I need. Even when I still have any problems or worries he’s always a message away. He’s made me see stuff in different ways and helped me achieve my goals one step at a time.

Reply From Stephen Renwick. Champion’s Mindset.

Why thank you! It’s a pleasure to help. 
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Miracle worker

Before I headed into the world championships for British Powerlifting I had a total meltdown with my squat, I saw an advert for a champion mindset and thought what have I got to lose?! I messaged and almost immediately we got into a conversation and met up 3 sessions later I was ready for the platform where I got bronze! Stephen kept in touch whilst I was out there and was over the moon with my result! I’ve continued to use his techniques at the Europeans and other comps and check in with him occasionally! Thanks Stephen for everything xxx

Submitted by Claire Roberte on 05/03/2024


It was great to spend time Stephen, he helped me to improve my game confidence and prep. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Lucas on 04/28/2024

Champions mindset

Highly Recommend! 

Submitted by Alex B on 04/07/2024

My experience with Steve’s sport psychology

Steve is very professional, his sessions were well planned and tailored to my specific needs. He helped me develop a better mindset and outlook on the court. His sessions were definitely a contributing factor to me reaching my goal of playing at a division I college in the US. I Highly recommend! 

Submitted by Eve Daniels on 04/07/2024