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"Jo" Kelleher Reviews

Submitted by Andrew Gent on 03/22/2022

Giving my son the X factor.

Overall Rating

Since working with Jo my teenage son has become much more aware of his surroundings, focusing on the right things. Dealing with set backs being able to park it and move on has been a real success.
His mindfulness has been a major improvement.
Being the parent of teenager in sport is a challenge and Jo has been a fantastic help with the journey I would thoroughly recommend.

Reply From "Jo" Kelleher

Thank you for your kind words. It has been so great seeing him grow, not just as an athlete but also as a person
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Sports psychologist for event rider

Working with Jo has been incredibly useful and helpful for me as a professional event rider struggling with mindset. She helped me overcome some deep set negative thought patterns with simple tools and suggestions which has had a huge positive impact on my performance. As well as helping me plan and work on strategies to keep improving. 

Submitted by Lauren Kilpatrick on 01/02/2024

Mentoring sessions

Jo has been helping me to manage my nerves before races. I have been replacing the negative thoughts and words with positive statements about myself and reaching the goal of looking forward to races rather than allowing fear to take over. I am feeling so relieved that things are changing for the best.

Submitted by Sophie E on 11/20/2023

Mental performance

My daughter has had 6 sessions with Jo. She found them very good sessions. I sat in on a few sessions with her and jo was brilliant with her. 
Would definitely recommend 

Submitted by Craig Thomasen on 05/10/2023

Mental block breaker

Jo-Anne has been a massive help to our daughter, by giving her tools to regain her confidence and breaking her mental block in gymnastics.

Submitted by Matt Hilliam on 03/02/2023

Help with mental block

My gymnast daughter (12) had been experiencing problems with her back skills for a number of months. She was getting very upset and was considering giving up the sport she loved. She couldn't understand why she just couldn't do something that had come naturally for so long. I contacted Jo for help and the advice she gave was fantastic. She explained what was happening and helped me understand how to best help her through it. 2 months later her back skills have returned and my daughter is a happy gymnast once again!

Submitted by Tracyg on 06/15/2022

The final push

I was lucky enough to come across Jo 6 weeks ago, and truly in the last 6 weeks emotionally and mentally is the best I’ve felt. Jo pushed me to be the best I can be. I’ve been lucky enough to train with some of the best footballers in the world and never understood how they develop the elite mindset they posses, however it came clear to me that working with individuals like Jo truly is the way forward.
Jo’s understanding, knowledge and football awareness was first class and her personality makes life a lot easier when you’re not so sure about yourself at times! Jo truly improved and developed my mindset and I would recommend her to anyone who asks. Knowledgable, understanding and very effective to get me through to final push of a very important season.

Submitted by Nathan Bishop. Manchester United Fc on 05/05/2022

Elite Gymnast Mental Block

Jo is very professional and very approachable, which certainly helps with a nine year old Gymnast.
My daughter is now getting back to doing the skills that she took for granted before the Mental issues took hold.
Very glad we acted quickly.

Submitted by Alan Jones on 03/23/2022