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Posted 09/02/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

Why Mental Toughness is Important: Lessons from Sport, Business and Loss

Following on from last week, again we look at what we can learn from the business world, entrepreneurship and sport and how they overlap.  Mental Toughness is discussed in different contexts where I chat with Christina Flach, CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup.  Christina was married to former Wimbledon champion and professional tennis player Ken Flach who sadly passed away after a brief bout of sepsis in 2018.  We also go onto discuss the difficulties faced when you lose a loved one and ways that you can help yourself.   

Key Learning Points:

  • In business you need to peak a lot longer than a professional athlete does when you look at the life of your career, therefore self-care is vital.
  • You'll be a better CEO or entrepreneur if you take time out to relax too.
  • Mental Toughness for entrepreneurs is about not giving up and learning from mistakes.
  • I learned from being a professional tennis player, goal setting and remaining focused is vital.
  • My life is not tragic, focusing on positive memories and things I’m grateful for helps me.
  • Ken would want me to live my best life and dreams and be happy, loved and laughing.
  • “There are no failures and there are no tragedies.”

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