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Posted 05/13/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

How to Help Footballers Who Have Been Released – Part Two

This week’s solo episode is part two where I build on last week’s episode and share 4 more ideas and further resources to help footballers who come across the challenge of being released from football clubs.  It’s a naturally difficult time for the player and their family where their motivation and mental health can be tested.  My ideas relate to how a mentally tough player would likely view the situation and how you can develop your mental toughness and bounce back positively from the setback.  

Key Learning Points

  • See yourself as a worthwhile person.
  • If you have some unanswered questions for the coaching staff, make sure you ask them.
  • Create some goals to work towards.
  • Don’t allow setbacks to distract you from your long term goals.

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