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Sample Worksheet 

 Name ________________________

Training 1: Competing is a Skill You Can Learn (book chapter 1)

1. My “A Game”: One game/moment I was POSITIVE and competed great:

2. My “C Game” (or worse) One game/moment I was NEGATIVE and played poorly:

3. Joe Maddon says: “When the umpire says ‘Play Ball!,’ the real advantage lies with the player who has ________________ himself to compete.”

4. Mike Scioscia: “After playing and managing over 3,000 games at the Major League level, I say that players who get the most out of their talent develop a _______________ that becomes their focus.”

5. Working on my mental game means I’m weak. True False

6. What % of baseball success is “mental” _______________%

7. A. Circle one mental skill you’ll focus on this week:

    Courage Gratitude Focus Pride Integrity Confidence

Compete Unselfishness Leadership

Hard Work Resilience

Love of the Game

Dedication Enjoyment/Fun Composure Relentlessness Desire to Learn Commitment

Sportsmanship Mental Toughness Concentration Consistency Respect for Game Positive

                         B. By focusing on that skill this week, I learned...

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