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Posted 08/04/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

127 The Application of Mental Toughness Training in Elite Professional Rugby League

In episode #127 I chat with fellow Mental Toughness Licensee, Paul Trainor.  Paul is a former professional rugby league player, currently a director for Super League team, Salford Red Devils Rugby League Club and a director for Positive Synergy.

We go on to discuss Mental Toughness in professional rugby league, how Mental Toughness applies to his current role as a director. We also touch on his consultancy work.  If you're looking to learn more about Mental Toughness, the 4 C's model and its application, this is a great podcast episode to listen too.

Key Learning Points:

  • The definition of mental toughness has changed over the years in Rugby where it was more about bravado, not being seen to be injured, seeing how many knocks you could get through to now where it is viewed as the ability to respond well to challenges that we face in the game, to be fully prepared for the challenges, to have trust in the process and to be able to take risks.
  • When injured it’s very important as a player to be honest with yourself and others around you.
  • Salford Red Devils reached the Super League Grand Final in 2019 and pride ourselves on the way as a club, both on and off the field that we approach what we do. We have a very strong culture of maximising everything you've got whether it be players on the field or the resources we've got off the field.
  • I lead on building future strategy, which looks at developing the next generation of Salford Red Devils players and leaving a legacy in different areas of work. We go into schools and community clubs and are not only concerned about rugby, but we're also doing work around mental toughness, raising achievement and positive mental health.
  • Mental toughness is a crucial life skill that we help develop in youngsters.
  • Everyone plays a key role in creating culture and the key behaviours that are expected from people.   

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