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Posted 04/08/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

112 How to Deal with Physical Insecurities as a Young Athlete

In this solo episode, I discuss a challenge that many young athletes often come across and something that we get approached by parents and the athlete themselves about on a regular basis.  Dealing with physical insecurities.  I go on to share some exercises, that I often use citing a case study of Harry (pseudonym) the goalkeeper who was small for his position, which impacted his focus and confidence.  

Key Learning Points

  • By helping shift an athletes focus towards internal factors that he or she can control can help them feel less helpless.
  • Examining an athletes expectations of small details in their sport can help you shift their perspective.
  • Setting mini-goals between sessions is a great way to strengthen an athletes confidence and motivation levels.
  • Spending time assessing an athlete’s strengths and planning how to improve specific areas can be a great confidence builder.
  • Relationships and the way athletes communicate with coaches is important and vice versa, can have a significant impact on how an athlete feels.
  • Using metaphors such as an animal or a superhero in a visual way can enhance confidence.

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