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Posted 01/28/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

102 30 Mental Game Secrets to Improve Your Soccer

Welcome to episode #102 of Demystifying Mental Toughness.  This is part three of four specially created episodes to celebrate reaching our century!   This time the episode is created with soccer and football fanatics in mind where the great guests that have been interviewed on the show to date, and with experiences in soccer or football, go on to share their key take home messages.  As you’ll note the insights are related to the development of mental toughness.   

This episode is a must listen for football or soccer coaches, players, parents, sport scientists and those interested in the great game.

Relevant Podcast Episodes in Order and Sequence as Relayed in Episode 102

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Ep018: Kieron Brady – From Professional Football to Alcoholism Consultant

Ep027: Natalie Henderson – How to Develop Mental Toughness with Young Footballers

Ep096: Gary Curneen – Developing Mentally Strong Footballers

Ep064: Edu Rubio – How to Support Young Footballers

Ep009: Brendan Pearson – Academy Football Professional Football Injuries and Early Retirement

Ep049: How Does Sport Psychology in Elite Football Academies Help – James Maurice

Ep043: Jamie Forrester – Thriving in Professional Football

Ep087: Carl Bell from Professional Football and Goalkeeping to Physiotherapy

Ep024: Julian Dowe – Mental Toughness in Professional Football

Ep093: Dan Abrahams – How to Overcome Mental Blocks in Football

Ep077: Danny Thomas – Before, During and After Professional Football

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