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Posted 11/05/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

089 How To Transfer Your Golfing Skills To The Course

There’s a common theme across a lot of sports where athletes find it hard to transfer their skills from training or practice to competitive events and tournaments, when the pressure is on.  Today I chatted to Will Shaw, a highly qualified PGA golf professional and sport’s scientist who shares with me his insights.  It’s a must listen if you’re into golf or if you’re looking to understand better what things to consider when learning how to transfer your skills to the golf course.  We discuss how to build your confidence and resilience, planning and executing your practice as well as a whole lot more.

Key Learning Points:

  • You must spend a good amount of time hitting balls to get some volume, as well getting on the golf course.
  • The range needs to be more representative of the golf course, where you hit a driver  every now and again, lies are slightly different, wind comes from different angles, playing to different targets testing your decision making.
  • Ask yourself what am I going to practice and why.
  • How you look at statistics impacts your self-confidence.
  • When planning your practice adopt a 70/30 rule being flexible.
  • There are many difference ways to practice, technical, performance, creative or process practice.

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