086 Observations: How to Learn from Setbacks - Sport Performance Video By DAVID CHARLTON
Posted 10/15/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

086 Observations: How to Learn from Setbacks

Are you someone who responds positively to setbacks, knowing that these types of situations provide an opportunity for personal development?  Do you recognise that challenges are a normal part of life and welcome the fact that sometimes you may need to shake up your routines?  Do you then go on to look forward to these new experiences?

Or do you worry more than most people when unexpected events happen.  You may hate the thought of making mistakes or failure and simply move on by keeping yourself busy, not acknowledging the event out of fear or habit.  You might even fall into the trap of giving less than 100% and consider giving up on occasions?

In this episode I’ll be discussing these questions in more depth sharing some resources to help you learn from setbacks that you have come across in the past.  I’ll also be discussing a range of example’s designed to challenge your thinking.


Key Learning Points

  • The mentally tough person who scores high in learning orientation will be the type of person who recognises that major obstacles may mean that they need some time to reflect and recover.  They will also see the big picture recognising this is a process and will result in them making relevant and desired changes.
  • Often an athletes view of winning and losing or success and failure can be skewed.
  • The best in the business are not perfect they make mistakes frequently too.  
  • Are you guilty of doing the same thing and expecting different results?  
  • Getting a balance between being highly goal orientated, seriously driven and caring too much can mean you become a worrier.  It’s a skill being able to park events and having a I don’t care attitude.
  • When you’ve invested a lot into a sport or pastime feeling sorry for yourself is completely normal.  It means that you care.  It’s what you do next that counts. 

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