084 Mental Toughness and The Leaders Mind - Sport Performance Video By DAVID CHARLTON
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084 Mental Toughness and The Leaders Mind

In today’s podcast episode, I chat with Dr. Jim Afremow and Phil White who have written an excellent book to be released in December 2021, called The Leaders Mind.  I tap into their expertise to help you, where we discuss modern sport psychology as well as different elements of the book and link it to mental toughness.  For example, we chat about a pilot, Tammie Jo Shults and how she took control of a stricken plane when there was an engine failure and how she went on to manage the situation and herself.   We discuss Nic Gill the All Blacks Strength and Conditioning coach and the All Blacks dedication to continued excellence.  Lastly, we talk about Donald Robertson, an advocate of using stoicism to achieve your goals.

Key Takeaways include:

  • To think like a champion in your sport you must look to get the best out of yourself.
  • There’s no health without mental health, and obviously without mental health you’re not going to find peak performance.
  • A common misconception is that you’re either born with confidence or you’re not.  It can be developed and improved upon.
  • Tammie’s ability to trust her training and go into “autopilot”, as well as her interpersonal confidence shone through in such a difficult situation.
  • Nic Gil and the All Blacks have a mindset to keep on learning and that they can always achieve more.
  • In Sports Psychology we often mention “controlling the controllables” which is a stoic philosophy.

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