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Posted 03/19/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

044 Observations: How to Assert Yourself

Life throws at us different situations in social settings; dealing with difficult people, coping with criticism and approaching people where we can choose to have an inferiority complex.  In sport, coach-athlete, parent-athlete, coach-parent-athlete relationships and the overall culture of clubs and organisations can have a big impact on athletes.  Playing team sports such as football, cricket or rugby; different cultures, moving clubs, playing styles, new coaches, managers or teammates, ego’s and big personalities can also play a part in whether you as an athlete perform at your best, consistently.

So in this short episode, David touches on the last 3 episodes of Demystifying Mental Toughness with Paul McGee, Mark Bennett and Jamie Forrester and looks at how important interpersonal confidence is if you are to thrive in sport, your chosen field or in life in general.

Key Learning Points:

  • You will build your awareness of where you're assertive, where you're aggressive, passive or passive-aggressive.
  • Assertiveness is not raising your voice or shouting.
  • Assertiveness is about controlling your emotions and then responding in a confident, yet direct way.
  • The passive person will be good at controlling their emotions, however remaining quiet.
  • Controlling your emotions, yet manipulate someone by lying to them, or avoiding responsibility is classed as passive aggressive behaviour.
  • As a young footballer or rugby player it’s important to have confidence in yourself and take responsibility for what you say and do.
  • If you’ve interpersonal confidence you’ll be able to take and receive criticism and compliments much better.

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