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Eddie O'Connor

Sport Performance Specialist
Clinical & Sport Psychologist; Professional Speaker, Author at Dr. Eddie O'Connor, PLLC
East Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49506

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Overcoming Obstacles to Excellence

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Dr. Eddie O'Connor, PLLC
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Dr. Eddie O'Connor, PLLC Company Logo by Eddie O'Connor in East Grand Rapids MI
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East Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49506
United States

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Dr. Eddie O’Connor is a professional speaker and both clinical and sport psychologist, specializing in removing barriers to peak performance. He is a Fellow and Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry. Dr. Eddie has worked with youth, high school, collegiate, national and international, Junior Olympic and professional athletes and coaches, as well as performing artists and musicians.

Dr. Eddie is frequently sought after by media, appearing regularly on FOX News in Grand Rapids, a featured guest on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio, and quoted in ESPN.com, NBA.com, Los Angeles Times, Runner’s World, NYMag.com, and CNN.com.

He is author and host of “The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life” by The Great Courses, quoted in the New York Times as being the “Netflix of learning” who recruit “the world’s greatest professors” that “are truly special.”

An international presenter with over 350 speaking engagements and media appearances, Dr. Eddie delivers a powerful and entertaining message to his audience.
Areas of Expertise
Performance anxiety, perfectionism, stress and distress, pain and injury rehabilitation
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Licensed Psychologist (Michigan, USA)
Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Association for Applied Sport Psychology
Fellow, Association for Applied Sport Psychology
Member, United States Olympic & Paralymic Committee Sport Psychology Registry

More About Eddie O'Connor


My mission is to help overcome your obstacles to excellence. I imagine you are driven and have some high goals for yourself. But something gets in the way and holds you back. Maybe it is outside of you: people don't cooperate, decisions are unfair, you lack resources. Sometimes it just feels too hard and overwhelming. But if I am being honest with you, those are just circumstances. And all great achievements have tons of adversity along the way. Adversity that we can't avoid or get rid of. It creates these emotional blocks, an unwillingness to move forward through the pain. 

So you get stuck. You are frustrated with yourself. Teammates, coaches, family, bosses and coworkers may be disappointed as they depend on you and you certainly don't want to let them down. So the pressure to perform increases, and you get more distracted. You focus on mistakes, focused on avoiding them resulting in poor performance when it counts the most. Anxiety rises. So does sadness and distress. Your sport and job aren't fun anymore. Self-care (e.g., sleep, nutrition) suffers. And maybe, to protect yourself, you are starting to care less and just start avoiding things to not deal with them. Which makes your performance even worse ... and the downward spiral continues. 

Maybe you are losing games you should win, lost your starting position, got cut from the team. Maybe your performance reviews are poor, your supervisors criticize the quality of your work, or someone else got that promotion. You know you are better than this, but something is in the way of success. You are getting in your own way!

Let me help you solve these problems and free you up to achieve your potential. 

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