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Submitted by Sports And Exercise Medicine Society on 02/12/2021

King’s College London Sports Medicine Conference

Overall Rating

George was one of the speakers at the 2021 International Sports Medicine Conference hosted by King’s College London University. His talk was about how coaches can help build players' mental resilience. It was an incredibly professional, well put together talk which gave a practical outlook on how to, not only understand resilience, but put it into practice. Although this was aimed at coaches, it was applicable to our multidisiplinary health care student and professional audience which was demonstrated in the incredible feedback George received from the day. If you need a speaker who is reliable, likeable and knowledgable, then we couldn’t recommend George enough.

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Tennis Support

He helped with my service in tennis and allowed me to become more consistent with the serves and increased my confidence. A nice guy to work with!

Submitted by Charlie on 10/05/2020

Emotions in Football

Enjoyed working withr George and learnt a lot about my own emotions in and outside of sport and how I can control them better!

Submitted by Bb on 10/02/2020