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Posted 05/08/2020 in Category 1 by John Couture

Game Day Tips

Game Day Tips

John Couture

Athletes have many routines throughout their season.  On days when they play a game, athletes have a tendency of doing too much or too little to prepare for games.  Below is a list of actions for the athlete to practice and incorporate into their own customized game day routine.

  1. Remember your strengths- self talk or visualization will reinforce confidence in abilities.

  2. Focus on the present - throughout the day, don’t countdown to the game- follow your daily schedule and keep your mind in the moment.

  3. Imagine yourself performing successfully - visualize in the first person and use your 5 senses to help make stronger associations.

  4. Customize your own routine - get options from others, but follow through with your own actions.

  5. Let negative emotions in and out - stay away from dwelling on emotions that are not pleasing.  Keep smiling.

  6. Create your own music playlist -whether it will excite you or calm you down- make it your own.

  7. Prepare your body to compete - stay on task- don’t take on too many tasks during the day which make you run around all day. 

  8. Stay away from distractions - set aside phones, negative people, and even news reports.

  9. Warm up your mind - with meditation, controlled breathing, or visualization- start your engine.

  10. Stay with the controllables - nothing matters on game day except for your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

  11. Breathe- practice your breathing technique throughout the day- get used to controlling it.

  12. Fuel your body - eat right… early and often.

  13. Control your nerves - line up those “butterflies” with the use of self-talk, music, teammates, and visualization.

  14. Enjoy yourself- have fun preparing for the game.

  15. Sleep - turn off your phone and sleep (8-10 hours each night).

  16. Stay positive - use self- talk and an optimistic outlook to be happy and thankful.

  17. Show up early- time your travel so you have plenty of time to get ready once you arrive at the field.

  18. Set and follow your goals- small, process goals will enhance your confidence and performance.

  19. Be consistent with this game-day routine - while there are variables outside of your control, do what you can do every game.  Check off each completed action from a checklist if needed.

  20. Breathe again- controlling your breathing will have lasting impacts before and during the game.

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