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Posted 02/22/2021 in Category 1

TACTIC – A simple formula for team success

TACTIC – A simple formula for team success

Tactic stands for training, accountability, cooperation, trust, independence and compassion. These six components capture the on-site and off-site work that teams need to do to improve their chances of success in sport and business. In sport, in any team sport, teams need to work on skills, tactics, physical fitness and mental conditioning, but we can do many of these skills alone or with a team. What we need to do is work out how each component is manifest in our everyday activities.

Why these six components? And how do they work? Reading thousands of refereed journal articles and books, listening to podcasts and reading newspapers will leave a trail of reasons to explain success in teams. Of course, there are so many factors to account for in the process of team success that we cannot possibly address them all. A smarter way forward is to address components that address other components. With TACTIC we mobilise the individual and the team motivations and resources to win when it matters most. Let’s explore each component.

Training – every individual needs to train or practise to succeed. Teams need to practise together to raise their standards and keep those standards rising. We emphasise training as the foundation for collective learning and success. 

Accountability – we all need to be accountable for ourselves and others. We need to hold others to account for their training and contribution to the team. Without accountability, we will not do the work now that leads on to success. We are accountable after the fact; however, it is most often too late to be accountable. Let’s be accountable now.

Cooperation – we all need to work together for the teams’ goals. Without cooperation, we have people pulling in all directions rather that in the same direction together. We can harness the strengths from each person and use those to build our signature strengths. 

Trust – trust is the glue that holds teams together. When we cannot trust each other, we cannot invest psychologically and emotionally because we fear what might happen if others ridicule and dismiss us. We need to trust and feel trusted. We can earn this trust working together, helping each other and offering support.

Independence – you might wonder how independence works in a team in which we are all pulling together. Independence is the choice and capacity to lead others (and yourself) out of your current malaise. You need to act independently when you are not with the team to uphold the values of the team.

Compassion – without compassion, you cannot forgive yourself or others. You cannot understand others and their faults and failings. You cannot accept them for who they are and whatever they might be. In sport and business, we are humans; we all make mistakes. But we need to learn from our mistakes in an environment that has compassion at its core to allow the team to learn.

We can include each of these components in team training on the pitch or court and in the locker room or meeting areas. We know team members and backroom staff can co-ordinate and marshal the strength of the group for the greatest gains. If you would like to know more about TACTIC; please contact us at Sporting Bounce for workshops and support. 

Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay