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Posted 07/01/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

Long Term Injuries: How to Confront Difficult Thoughts and Emotions

Today’s podcast episode looks at long-term serious injuries, the psychological impact and helpful strategies to help you manage your mental health during the rehabilitation process and afterwards.  My guest, doctor of occupational therapy, Keagen Hadley has recently released a book called Torn: Overcoming the Psychological Challenges Post-ACL Injury which we go on to discuss too.  

Keagan shares his backstory, the motivation behind writing his book, his definition of mental toughness when faced with a long term serious injury, like an ACL.  We also chat about Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a potentially helpful solution and much more. 

Key Learning Points:

  • Keagan didn’t intend to write a book initially however he found it became a cathartic process helping him process his thoughts and emotions.
  • He personally had two long term ACL injuries which occurred whilst playing American Football, as well as experiencing battles with depression and anxiety.
  • Being part of the group was difficult for Keagan when he was injured.
  • His identity of who he was shifted hugely.
  • Mental toughness in this context is about learning to face and sit with difficult thoughts and emotions.
  • Seeking support and discussing your problems is important to process the emotions.
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy helped Keagan greatly during the difficult times and is something he advocates in his work with athletes too.

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BOOK: Torn Overcoming Psychological Challenges Post ACL 

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