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Posted 10/22/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

From Professional Football and Goalkeeping to Physiotherapy

Today I’m joined with Carl Bell who played football at Newcastle United’s academy from the age of 13 and progressed to reserve team level before injuries meant he pursued a career in physiotherapy.  He is now a partner at Functional Intelligent Training and a sought after and very knowledgeable physiotherapist.  

Carl was a goalkeeper, so we go on to discuss the unique pressures of goalkeeping, and how this impacted his enjoyment of the game.  We also talk about his career now and the psychology around recovery and rehabilitation.  Enjoy tuning in!

Key Takeaways include:

  • It’s an individual thing, the mindset of a goalkeeper will depend on how they perceive pressure.
  • You can train immensely hard and do really well, yet one mistake can stick with you, it can be a mental battle.
  • Goalkeeping can be a lonely position, you’ve got another 10 players around you looking and counting on you.
  • Goalkeeping coaches have a big responsibility in the way that they support their players.
  • As a physiotherapist, you need to consider how you manage the person as well as the injury to get the best from them, always coming back to what does the injury need.
  • Soft skills are important to reassure people when their injured, helping them focus on what they can do
  • Often people are looking for quick fixes which can be a challenge.

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