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Posted 01/26/2024 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 214: How To Create Helpful Eating Habits To Benefit Your Sport Performance

In this episode, Ellen McDermott an Elite Professional Cyclist and Performance Nutritionist, shares her journey from novice to becoming an elite professional cyclist, taking part in the 2023 World Gravel Championships in Italy.  She discussed challenges that she has faced and how she has dealt with them.  She also shares why a well thought out nutritional plan is vital to optimise your performance and recovery.  We talk about ideas that can aid your knowledge on nutrition for endurance sports, as well as other sports too.

Enjoy tuning in!

Key Learning Points:

  • Ellen’s typical training week at present is between 20-25 hours.
  • The use of isotonic gels for endurance sports is explained to optimise performance.
  • Managing the intensity of training and executing a recovery strategy is vital in endurance sports.
  • Understanding where your inner voices is directing you is a helpful skill to master.
  • A mentally tough cyclist can command the space in a bike race.  They wouldn’t get bullied and would also make clear decisions during the race to benefit their performance.
  • GAA, football and rugby players should consider how they keep hydrated and learn more about carbohydrates to improve their energy levels when they perform.

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