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Posted 11/17/2023 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 202: How To Help Footballers Who Struggle With Fear Of Failure

David is a Mental Toughness Practitioner, as well as a Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist.  He has successfully supported athletes, teams and organisations for over 10 years in order to ensure that they perform at their maximum more often.

He has a comprehensive knowledge around the development of Mental Toughness, a plastic personality trait, which determines or limits people to deal effectively with change, challenges and stressors.  In today’s climate, during the Coronavirus pandemic this quality is becoming more and more valuable to individuals, teams and organisations. 

In episode 202, the 7th of our 10-part series I build on the previous episode, and again I look to help the footballer who places too much attention on outcomes and results.  As a result, fear of failure then becomes a big challenge for you to overcome.  One of the answers in my eyes is to shift your focus towards the “key ingredients” that make up your best performances as I go on to share.  Enjoy tuning in!

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