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Posted 04/22/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 114: Because I Can - How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

In today’s podcast episode #114, I’m joined by Tim Bradshaw author of Because I Can, a former surveillance and target acquisition patrol soldier and covert human intelligence officer.  We discuss his quest to help people understand it’s ok to ask for help when they have mental health concerns.  Stepping out of your comfort zone, taking on challenges such as Everest are also talked about, as well as his definition of mental toughness in military settings.  

Key Learning Points:

  • We took on a year of challenges every month for a year to raise awareness around Mental Health.
  • Self-doubt is very natural, we all face it at different times.
  • Fatigue is a big issue when taking on a challenge like Everest.  Accepting, not beating yourself up for a lack of sleep is the important part in dealing with it. 
  • Take a leaf out of the All Blacks and think differently, never take a step backwards. 
  • Nobody is born resilient, you become resilient.
  • The sheer volume of information shared to us is crazy, we have to be able to sift out the not so helpful bits and focus on what is going to support us.
  • Seek to focus on what is possible not what you can’t do.

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