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Posted 03/25/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 110: How to Increase Mental Fortitude: Secrets from an Olympian

Our guest today is very inspirational, Dan Steele was an excellent decathlete and an Olympic bronze medalist in Bobsleigh.  He was also one of the most successful collegiate track and field coaches in America.  In this episode, we discuss his journey, some obstacles that he overcame along the way as an athlete.  Psychological strategies that he used to keep himself going in difficult times were also touched on and how he overcame fears.  Dan also goes on to share some great advice for coaches of any sport, to get the most from their athletes.

Key Takeaways include:

  • Physical size as a youngster shouldn’t be a hinderance with the right mindset.
  • The mental side of the decathlon is very important, being able to remain calm after poor results in events.
  • Your internal self talk is hugely powerful.
  • I’d see competing and tight finishes as exciting.
  • Bobsleigh was a like riding a crazy rollercoaster where you wondered if you’d die at the end of it.
  • As a coach, being open minded immersing yourself in learning will help you get the most from your coaching abilities and from your athletes.
  • Being honest with yourself as an athlete is vital.
  • Performance anxiety and mental health are two very different things and can get confused.

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