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Posted 02/04/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 103: 45 Secrets to Sporting Success

Welcome to episode #103 of Demystifying Mental Toughness.  This is the final part of four specially created episodes to celebrate reaching our century!   The episode is hugely insightful with a number of our guests to date, again sharing many fantastic takeaways.  The messages come from the world of marathon running, rugby, tennis, cricket, combat sports and refereeing and can only help athletes, coaches and parents with an interest in sport.   

Relevant Podcast Episodes in Order and Sequence as Relayed in Episode 103

Podcast Ep033: Aly Dixon – Mental Toughness Lessons from a World Champion

Podcast Ep007: Toby Flood –  How Elite Athletes Mentally Prepare

Podcast Ep021: Steve Hackney – How to Reach Your Full Potential

Podcast Ep029: Lome Faatau – How to Play Professional Rugby with Confidence

Podcast Ep038: Taz Bricknell – Playing Professional Women’s Rugby

Podcast Ep039: John Fletcher – How to Develop Fearless Athletes

Podcast Ep094: Professor Adam Nicholls – How to Develop Mentally Strong Rugby Players

Podcast Ep042: Mark Bennett MBE – Characteristics of High Performance Athletes

Podcast Ep071: James Lau – Mastering the Mental Side of Tennis

Podcast EP072: Tom Jones – Mastering the Mental Side of Cricket

Podcast Ep091: Jarrod Leathem – How to Transfer Your Cricket Skills to Matches

Podcast Ep076: Nathan Sherratt – Mastering the Mental Game of Refereeing

Podcast Ep081: Stuart Wade – Mental Toughness in Combat Sports

Podcast Ep083: Billy Schwer – Life Lessons from a World Champion Boxer

Podcast Ep084: Dr Jim Afremow & Phil White – Mental Toughness and The Leaders Mind

Podcast Ep088: Dre Baldwin – How To Play As Well As You Practice

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