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Posted 01/14/2022 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 099: How to Deal with Overthinking on the Golf Course

Do you get caught up overthinking when playing golf? Do you suffer from paralysis by analysis? Or maybe you stand over pressure shots and visualise topping the ball, thinning the ball or even shanking it!

If you do, it’s OK even the best players in the world think this way every so often!

In this episode, Trevor Jones a PGA Professional Golf coach and mental performance coach and I have great chat about this topic and how you can best deal with these challenges.   We also touch on Trevor’s playing background on the European tour, his coaching philosophy and a shared passion of ours Mindfulness. Enjoy tuning in.

Key Learning Points:

  • We don’t have to feel comfortable to play good golf.
  • We all experience self-doubt.
  • When Tiger Woods won at Eastlake, in the Tour Championship in 2019 he found the bunker on the 18th hole.  The interviewer said, “Is that when you thought you had won?” Tiger said, “No, because I could have bladed the ball out of bounds.”
  • Nurturing psychological flexibility is very powerful.
  • Focusing on the next task is a helpful thing to think about when you find yourself getting distracted.
  • Failing is ok, you win or you learn.

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