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Posted 12/10/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 094: How to Develop Mentally Strong Rugby Players

In this episode of Demystifying Mental Toughness, I’m joined by Professor Adam Nicholls where our conversation is mostly based around the sport of Rugby, though there are crossovers into other sports.  We discuss how do you define Mental Toughness in rugby terms, coping with stressors and pressure in professional rugby and at a youth level.  How coaches can best help players to develop their mental toughness at different stages as well as a lot more.  Enjoy tuning in!

Key Learning Points:

  • Mental Toughness is about a rugby player’s ability to be able to perform well under pressure.
  • Training can be stressful for some players because they may be fighting for their place within the team.
  • Stress is more amplified on match day, and that’s when those who are mentally tough will more likely to shine.
  • In a study we found experienced athletes were more mentally tough, indicating that that experience is really important in the development of the trait.
  • One way for coaches to help develop mental toughness with their players is through exposing them to increased stress with effective support on hand.
  • Self awareness is really important to be able to make good decisions, especially under pressure.
  • Individual differences and personality preferences have to be taken into account by coaches.
  • Consistent pre-shot routines are a critical element to trusting your skills under pressure.

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