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Posted 07/30/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 075: How to Rebuild Your Identity

This episode is an inspiring one where Grant Phypers, a leadership coach and I discuss how Grant defines mental toughness, we chat about how he overcame adversity in his life and rebuilt his identity and character.   We also chat about a topic men tend to avoid – vulnerability.  Enjoy listening.

Key Learning Points:

  • Mental toughness is a state of mind, it's about getting your thoughts in the right order, and thinking about the right things, thinking positively.  It is about not allowing whatever you're going through to weigh heavily on your shoulders.
  • I firmly believe that our thoughts and how we manage those thoughts are the foundation to everything that we do.
  • Verbalising your thoughts can be powerful.
  • A big challenge that I had to deal with was when I was struck down with an illness that I, still today I have no idea what it was.
  • I got so low in my life that I needed some stranger to be able to see the potential, to see what was in me, to see that there was nothing wrong, and actually all I needed to do was recalibrate and start to explore who I was.
  • I decided that I wanted to be the same in every environment that I walked into, I wanted to be authentic.  I didn't have that, my character and identity was completely in tatters. I had to rebuild that, and for me that was the very core of what started this, this process of getting to where I am today.

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