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Posted 07/16/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

EP 072: Mastering the Mental Side of Cricket

The psychological challenges in cricket are immense, whether you're a batsman or bowler, a wicket-keeper or a fielder. The sport has got very unique challenges including the fact that it is a team sport but can frequently feel like an individual sport, the difficulty of having to accept repeated failures and the walk of shame!  

Today, Tom Jones, a highly qualified youth cricket coach and owner of Cricket Coach 365 and I chew the fat, we talk about these challenges, we discuss mental toughness and Tom explains how he goes on to help young cricketers get the most from their talent. 

Key Learning Points:

  • The mental side of cricket is increasingly becoming the most important part of the game, whatever level you play at. 
  • The long walk to the wicket can fill many youngsters with dread.
  • Managing expectations is hugely important as batters will get out more times than they go on to score the runs that they’d like to get.  
  • Focusing in on what you can control is vital as when you do get out it can be for many reasons, often it is out of your control and this can mess with your head. 
  • Remembering your good shots, positive self-talk and visualisation can help you remain in a confident headspace.
  • Coaches should consider how to set up their environment so players practice with a purpose and simulate what happens on the pitch. 

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